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Nurses are truly amazing people. One of the most important jobs in the world is nursing. Unfortunately, in this economy, getting into nursing school is often very competitive. That makes it especially important for you to know what various nursing schools seek in applicants, and how you can make your nursing application stand out among the rest. If you are seriously considering going into the nursing field, then knowing what to expect from nursing schools is absolutely critical to getting into a good school that will give you the best chance at a fulfilling career.

One thing you want to take into consideration when applying to nursing schools is what kind of nursing programs they offer. There are a wide variety of different kinds of nursing programs available, including licensed practical nurses, advanced practice nurses, and registered nurses who already have degrees. If a school only offers one or two different kinds of programs, they are not likely to be highly competitive. You should definitely look at a nursing program’s degree choices so you have a better understanding of what kind of entry level nursing job you’re getting into.

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Some other information that you may want to consider is what kinds of things the admissions officers look at when evaluating potential students. Most admissions officers at top nursing schools take into consideration any other work experience that you may have. This is because doctors and other medical professionals often have to take time off from work to go to school. As such, nurses with significant work experience now may be able to get into top nursing schools simply by showing them the right credentials. You should also make sure to bring anything that will help you stand out during the interview process, since top nursing schools want to hear everything they can from you.

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