Reviving My Annalyn Frame Website and Socials

So, it’s been SO LONG since I have posted anything on my website, and even longer since I posted on my socials like on Twitter (

I was actually traveling for a while to 4 different cities where I worked as a nurse for a few weeks at a time. Got so tired of being on the road, literally living out of a suitcase in a hotel. I met to many fabulous people along the way, many are now following my on social media. But it’s time to settle down a bit and stay in one apartment, for at least a year I hope. Not really feeling the Ohio atmosphere anymore, and love the cold weather. So for now I’ll be in the Denver area because it’s close to the mountains where I can ski on my days off.

I’ll keep trying to post as much as I can, I know that’s a big promise! But logged into my socials this evening, reviving them, and will post photos!

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