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When it comes to applying for nursing school you have many options. You can check out a few different colleges and universities, or you can apply to a specific school. Typically speaking, applying for nursing school generally means applying for either a Bachelor of Science in nursing program or a Bachelor of Nursing Practice. In most cases, nursing school is usually a specific school within an all-campus university, and typically they only cover the second two years of a four year degree in nursing.

After you decide on which type of RN to go for, the next step in the process is applying for admission to a specific school. This usually entails a physical, if you are applying to a University of any sort, a GMAT test, as well as a background check on your life (e.g. criminal, military, etc). Most first-year nursing students are automatically admitted into a school, however for those who have an exceptional academic history in school (especially upper level courses) or if you have letters of recommendations, it may be necessary to apply for admission to a specific school.

Annalyn Frame

Once you have been accepted to a specific nursing program, you will need to start preparing for your bachelors degree. This may include taking general education courses such as chemistry, biology, English, math, and so forth. It may also mean taking classes specific to your field of focus such as medical ethics, professional practice, family practice, etc. Generally speaking, you can expect to take one year per bachelors degree, however some programs offer a 2-semester program where you may spend a year earning a bachelor, then a one or two years earning a master’s in nursing, depending upon the concentration that you choose. Regardless of which path you take, once you graduate, you will be ready to take your state board exam to become a licensed nurse.

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